Cloud-Based Logistics Management Platform

Centralized Visibility & Collaboration Tool

Real-Time Planning, Execution, and Analysis


IMS Logistics Management Solutions (LMS) works with clients to organize their logistics efforts in a single platform that brings real time operations & end-to-end visibility to an area that has many gaps in information and poor data quality: the last mile. This results in better planning, execution, and analysis that improves operational efficiency, organizational efficiency, and impacts the overall supply chain.

Some general points to keep in mind about IMS LMS as you learn more:

  • We fit into what you do now – We are a complimentary service that is designed to work with your current processes and partners, not to change or eliminate them. No major changes to your operations or systems necessary, and you control how involved IMS is (as much, or as little) in executing your transportation operations.
  • We provide a centralized hub – Our single platform solution is web based, brings together all last mile logistics stakeholders, and organizes all operational activities and information; no more chasing information since everything you need is at your fingertips in a live environment.
  • We are agile – Working with IMS enables you to develop relevant processes and reporting faster and more accurately than having to go through corporate IT development.
  • We are flexible – Each visibility report, operational functionality, management tool, and analytical report is available to you; you choose what works best for you.
  • We are scalable – All processes can be replicated for each phase of your business, allowing you to scale up/down extremely quickly.
  • You have full control – You control which users are given what permissions for which reports, based on job function and visibility requirements.


Service-Based Solutions

  • IMS provides a service, not a static system or software package. We operate on a sophisticated platform, but deliver first and last mile cargo management services.
  • We focus all of our energy, expertise, and resources on organizing first and last mile operations and assisting our clients in attaching this segment upstream and downstream to the rest of the supply chain.

Data Quality

  • Unbiased carrier-neutral data throughout the LMS platform provides a true system of record.
  • IMS draws tracking data from all available sources, not reliant on a single source.
  • Manual data cleansing processes ensure best-in-class data integrity.

Visibility & Collaboration

  • Cloud-based, centralized platform organizes all internal & external participants in the logistics supply chain, providing system of engagement.
  • Custom tailored to the specific needs of each user.
  • Connects products to the containers they’re travelling in, providing true end-to-end visibility.
  • IMS facilitates all connectivity, reducing your IT group’s workload.



We provide you with carrier-neutral data in every area of our platform to eliminate biased reporting, enabling you to control processes at every level in a centralized manner, without adding overhead.


IMS connects your transportation & logistics providers, as well as your products to the containers they travel in, providing true end-to-end visibility that is frequently missed by the interaction of disconnected processes & systems.


IMS acts as an extension of your IT group, providing personalized service that drastically reduces development lead time which enables you to implement impactful changes faster.

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