Shippers today face many unique and costly challenges

Incomplete, inaccurate, and untimely data from providers, the lack of efficient communication and collaboration between transportation & logistics providers, and an overall lack of visibility throughout the import/export process make this the most difficult link to complete in the chain.

Information must be actionable to be powerful

In today’s environment, too much time and effort is spent organizing information in spreadsheets, exchanging emails, and sitting on conference calls. To be effective, organizations need to move beyond the inefficient, outdated, and costly methods that cause paralyzing information overload. As managing information continues to become as important as moving products, you need the tools to create an environment where the right information can be accessed at the right time, by the right people, to truly create action within the operation.

What makes IMS Logistics stand out?

Self-Financed Solution

IMS Logistics costs a small fraction of the savings gained in some of the following areas: Staff Efficiency, Drayage Procurement (rates, fuel surcharge, etc.), Operational Costs (storage/demurrage, per diem, chassis, etc.), Inventory Costs (Carrying costs, customs filings, etc.), and more. Not only does your solution quickly pay for itself, but you will see a big ROI.

Fast Implementation

IMS can have you up and running in as little as two weeks. Compare that to the time it takes to implement a licensed ERP or full EDI solution, and you can be making impactful changes in a fraction of the time and without the red tape.

Information Gaps Eliminated

IMS’ data quality team constantly gathers, cleans, and organizes your shipment information. This service provides the highest quality data possible, without any gaps, and serves as the foundation for cutting-edge visibility and collaboration tools, making information truly actionable throughout the supply chain, at all times.

Consistently having the necessary and available information to effectively plan, execute, and report on the company’s transportation & logistics objectives is a complex challenge. The IMS platform provides procurement, visibility, operations, cost control, invoicing, and analytical tools specifically designed to streamline the flow of reliable, accurate, and timely information to/from the various transportation participants. Operational data is gathered and verified in real-time throughout the process and is reflected live in the IMS platform, impacting not only operations, but analysis as well.

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